SPECIAL REPORT: Dealing with Disappointment

The Coronavirus has turned our world upside down in a matter of weeks impacting many areas of our daily lives. This has resulted in the indefinite postponement of many special events such as school trips, milestone birthdays and sporting events.

Not only is this difficult for adults to come to terms with, but young people are also affected leaving many feeling overwhelmed and disappointed. Although disappointment is a normal part of growing up, how kids respond will determine the impact it will have on their future happiness. Adults need to remember that young people have a lot of choice regarding how they respond to disappointment. It is considered a healthy and positive emotion and essential to a young person’s emotional, intellectual and social development.

Disappointment can be a tricky emotion to deal with at any age. Therefore, it is important for adult carers to help kids manage their disappointment by recognising that their feelings are real and encouraging them to look at the problem objectively.



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